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What’s on TV: Sunday, February 3, 2019

Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday
ABC, 7.40pm

Those of us who were in Victoria 10 years ago still remember Black Saturday, the chokingly hot day when the state went up in flames. Thousands of homes were destroyed, many lives lost and even more left in ruins by the fires that rampaged through the forests and country towns. Rebuilding the homes and infrastructure took a long time: recovering from the mental and emotional scars even longer. This special revisits the devastating events of Black Saturday and examines the long road travelled by the survivors, who here talk about how they were affected by the disaster and how they summoned the strength to recover. A moving exploration of trauma and the capacity of humans to rebound from even the worst catastrophes.

<i>Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday.</i>

Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday.

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