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Lime scooters’ Brisbane permit extended to middle of the year


Cr Schrinner said the council wanted to see two scooter companies running competitively on the streets, meaning each company would have 500 scooters each.

“We will run a procurement process where we will invite every interested scooter company to put in their tenders for Brisbane,” Cr Schrinner said.

“We want to see good competitive tenders.

“We know there is big demand and we know that many of those trips are taking cars off the road, this is the way that cities all around the world are going.”


Cr Schrinner said the council had been approached by 10 different scooter companies expressing interest in bringing their mobility devices to the city.

“We’re Liberals, we believe in competitive tension and that competition in the marketplace will drive a better outcomes for users,” he said.

Cr Schrinner said the council would work with the state government and Queensland Police to ensure people continued using the scooters safely.

Labor councillor Jared Cassidy said the opposition agreed active transport was the way of the future.


“Labor has consistently supported the trail and welcome its extension,” he said.

“We understand there are concerns about the impact scooters have on footpaths shares with pedestrians, but with strong guidelines we believe this can be managed.

“This highlights the need for more dedicated space for active transport in our city, as more people take up alternative forms of transport to private motor vehicles.”

The scooters have already seen half a million trips since they first arrived in Brisbane in November.

Lucy is the urban affairs reporter for the Brisbane Times, with a special interest in Brisbane City Council.

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