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Ex-husband of NAB fraud suspect given jail sentence for assaulting her and man she kissed

Geoffrey Rosamond was sentenced to one year and 10 months’ imprisonment, which he will most like serve in the community by way of an intensive corrections order, subject to a review.

For the assault against his ex-wife he was given a conditional release order for a period of two years.

Human Group director Helen Rosamond has been arrested and charged with bribery offences.

Human Group director Helen Rosamond has been arrested and charged with bribery offences.Credit:Jessica Hromas

The sentence came more than four years after Rosamond punched and kicked Mr Best to the ground, before pushing, kicking and slapping Ms Rosamond, leaving both with injuries.

At the time of the incident Rosamond was a listed company director of Human Group.

The violent episode took place in the early hours of January 10, 2015, following a party hosted by the Rosamonds at the Mosman home they shared at the time.

According to facts tendered to the court, the party ended about 3.30am and Ms Rosamond left the house to walk Mr Best towards Spit Road to find a taxi.

After walking further up the street, the two exchanged their goodbyes and “shared a kiss on the cheek. This kiss became intimate.”

At this time Ms Rosamond noticed her husband, barefoot and in pyjama shorts, marching “angrily” towards them from their home. “His muscles were flexed and he was walking hurriedly.”

Rosamond proceeded to punch and kick Mr Best and to push his wife to the ground, before slapping her once and kicking her in the thigh. Rosamond proceeded to shout, “No, not with him.”


The assault on Mr Best left him with multiple injuries to his face, ribs and eye, including nerve damage that required two operations in the following months. He continued to experience “double vision” well after the incident.

Ms Rosamond suffered bruising to her face and the left side of her body, especially around her hip area.

It was almost six months before Mr Best reported the incident to police. About two months later, Ms Rosamond made her own statement to police.

The Rosamonds were formally divorced in April 2017.

On Thursday, Judge Stephen Norrish said the resulting injuries suffered by Mr Best were “serious” and referred to Ms Rosamond as being “very deeply wounded … emotionally and psychologically”.

However he said Rosamond had clearly been “provoked” by what he saw, while also being heavily inebriated.

The matter did not go to trial, as Rosamond entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity, although victim impact statements from both Ms Rosamond and Mr Best were previously read to the court.

While Judge Norrish said a victim statement by Mr Best to the court was in line with the agreed facts, he criticised Ms Rosamond for “conflat[ing] her feelings”.

“I’ve been a judge for 18 years … I have a fair understanding … of the harm that can be caused to others.”

He said some of the claims Ms Rosamond made were “exaggerations … and appeared to me designed to address grievances that go beyond the subject of this litigation”.


He was also critical of the eight months it took after the incident for Rosamond to be arrested and charges laid, and of the “totally unacceptable delay” in the completion of the matter through the courts.

Ms Rosamond was in court for the sentencing on Thursday.

On Friday afternoon she herself appeared before Central Local Court via audio-visual link, to face charges related to the allegedly corrupt provision of over-inflated invoices for services to NAB between 2013 and 2017.

She was granted bail and is scheduled to appear before the Downing Centre Local Court on March 19.

Lucy Cormack is a crime reporter with The Sydney Morning Herald.

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