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Rose Callaghan helps you help yourself

Rose Callaghan's 12 Rules for Life at Mantra on Russell until April 21.

Rose Callaghan’s 12 Rules for Life at Mantra on Russell until April 21.

Mantra on Russell, until April 21

Rose Callaghan came across Jordan Peterson’s bestselling self-help tome 12 Rules for Life through a friend. She did not enjoy what she found.

Her fury at the way young men have picked up the controversial author’s gospel has sparked an hour of wry reflection on the trouble with subscribing to any one set of dot points to govern your life –  particularly if those dot points encourage you to clean your room to get ahead.

From the first high-five issued to members of the front row, it’s clear she wants to chat with the room, especially if that involves discussing the merits of deciding to never wee in front of a romantic partner.

While Callaghan takes a knife to internet psychology, it’s evident which moral compass she’d prefer we focus on. A picture of Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is displayed early on so the crowd can “gaze” into his eyes. The warmth and lack of judgment of the men on the Netflix program, where a cast of joyful gents redesign people’s lives, is more her speed.

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