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A memorable view from the card table

Adrian Sheen of Mulgoa notes that “with the arrival of the latest printed edition of the Penrith Yellow Pages, a publication that I thought was defunct, a quick check on local doctors showed that at least three who had died (one at least 10 years ago) are apparently contactable on the phone. You may wish to delay that appointment!”

“With the election looming, I heard Bill Shorten say he likes answering curly questions,” says Paul Keir of Concord. “Perhaps he could have a regular column in the Herald, dedicated to fielding such political questions. A catchy name would be ‘The Shorten Curlies.'”

Like Joy Cooksey of Harrington, who thinks: “That classy, grassy, two-stepping front-rower (C8) was in a league of his own,” Barry Galbraith of Cranebrook’s memories of Frank Hyde are fond ones: “I remember his call of a game, where a player ran straight through the defence to score a try mere seconds into a game. He declared that ‘defenders were as rare as tigers in Pitt Street’. He was quite an accomplished singer too.” It’s true. He had a recording contract with EMI.

Keeping it on the field, Peter Miniutti of Ashbury says he has “been to many football games and still hasn’t heard the fat lady sing”.

George Manojlovic of Mangerton thinks he may have “stumbled upon a collective noun for a gathering of whingers: a Wingham. Apparently, it’s the Annual Beef Week up there at the moment.”

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