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What’s on TV: Thursday, May 30

Ambulance Australia

Ten, 8.40pm

It’s Straya Day, which means a busy shift for the paramedics dealing with the blood, guts and puke of our national celebration. The season finale of this fly-on-the-wall-of-the-ambulance doco sees the unflappable crews dealing with a young lad who’s partied too hard (27 standard drinks, onya!), an elderly man who’s fallen and hit his head, a woman who’s collapsed at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a man found barely conscious in his car. Unfortunately, there’s no filmed evidence of the patient who calls to report a blowfish barb through the foot. It doesn’t get much more Strayan than that.

Finding Joy

ABC Comedy, 10.15pm

Apparently part of a vanguard of female-led Irish TV comedies, the premiere of Amy Huberman’s Finding Joy is a mixed bag that starts on a low note for both the titular Joy and the audience. Contending with the double whammy of a nasty break-up and a dog with the same name as her ex that likes to defecate on her bed, Joy comes from the Bridget Jones school of hard knocks (and the resemblance doesn’t stop there – a scene in which a TV crew films her sliding down a pole wearing a perilously short skirt is pure Helen Fielding). Joy’s story takes form as she is press-ganged by her workplace into filling in for a popular vlogger who has suffered an unfortunate plastic surgery accident. Helped by a supportive, heavily pregnant best friend and the aforementioned scatological dog that annoyingly is represented in voice-over, she stumbles anxiously through a superficial world while pining for what could have been. Moments of snorty humour are interspersed with embarrassed groans. It will be interesting to see where it ends up.

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