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Back Chat: Good Weekend letters to the editor, May 25

You had me at “evidenced-based research” in your article on Chloe Shorten [May 11]. While the thought of Bill Shorten in bed – prime ministerial or not – isn’t a place most of us would like to go, as a master of environment and sustainability student at Monash University, I might just be prepared to go there if Chloe Shorten is reading evidence-based research on climate change to Bill.

Paula Rogers, Fitzroy, Vic

Chloe Shorten certainly has a busy schedule championing so many worthwhile causes, including family violence. However, I have a problem with politicians and journalists using the term “domestic violence” to describe murder or criminal assault perpetrated by a relative, partner or former partner. I strongly believe it understates the enormity of the situation.

Denise Hassett, Mt Martha, Vic

And the beat goes on

Like Dan Pash [May 11], I have profound sensorineural hearing loss, but I have had a cochlear implant for the past four years. Since having the implant, it’s been a wonderful journey back into the world of hearing. It is true that it takes time to adjust – I found it tiring at first as I felt assaulted by all this new noise. Interestingly, in view of Dan’s beliefs about cochlear implants, it’s given me a wonderful new appreciation of music. My surgeon was able to preserve most of my small amount of residual hearing, so I’d encourage Dan to have at least one implant. He can always turn it off or down when he doesn’t want that extra noise.

Sandra Houghton, Sale, Vic

Kitty litter

At last the word is getting out about the disastrous effect cats have on our native animals. Yes, feral cats are killing native animals in the bush by the hundreds of thousands, but pet cats also prey on native birds in cities. Just ask any person who plants native flora to try to attract our diminishing numbers of Australian fauna. Why cat owners are allowed to let their cats roam freely is beyond me.

Lois Katz, Glebe, NSW


F: SUZANNE MCMAHON Great article [“Step up“, May 11]. A very modern family. Demonstrates we all have pasts, we all make choices and it’s fantastic that you can later in life meet your true love and be happy – even in the public eye.

F: MIGUI TEIXEIRA We will be the winners having such a capable, caring and compassionate individual as our first lady. Credit to her mother, Dame Quentin Alice Louise Bryce, who was an extraordinary governor-general of Australia.

T: @LAWYERBUBBLES While initially I thought “not interested, we don’t have a first lady”, I enjoyed this, and I’m off to buy some of Chloe’s books.

T: @COLLETTESNOWDEN I abandoned this about two thirds of the way through. Given the scale of urgent problems the nation faces, this kitchen sink pot-boiler is a shameful waste of media space, and clearly designed to sustain negative framing of Shorten.

F: KIM PHILLIPS No way does Julette Alexander look 81 [Two of Us, May 11]. Well done guys! Great achievement.

T: @KZIWICA [“Friends & pho“, May 11] made me think of “event” television. My NYC girlfriends and I used to gather on Wednesday nights to watch Dawson’s Creek and make margaritas – there was a special ceremony when we got the specially fashioned “Dawquila” bottle off the shelf.

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