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Disneyfying Canberra

Peter Moore of Kincumber thinks he knows the cause of Irving Warren’s buzzing Cochlear implant (C8): “Irving probably had his ‘T’ switch in the ‘on’ or ‘standby’ position. The ‘T’ switch enables the Cochlear implant processor to pick up electro magnetic radiation. Likewise I have a good idea of the location of power lines buried in the footpath outside our home.” Peter does have a concern for the range of buzzing: “Up to 40 metres away from the charging station? That’s a lot of radiation!”

Still on hearing devices, Llewellyn Dickeson of Culburra Beach says: “Long before Cochlear implants and charging stations, my grandmother’s hearing aid in the 1970s beeped loudly in time with the radar at Mascot airport. More importantly, it was an excellent indicator of the proximity of police radar traps and saved my father on quite a few occasions.”

John Huxley’s contribution about the Ford Mustangs’ dominance of the V8 Supercars Championship (C8) got Maureen King of Lane Cove thinking that a more fitting comment from the Holden camp would have been: “My Kingswood for a horse.”

“I see we now have a Minister for Cyber-Security and the Arts,” observes Richard Murnane of Hornsby. “Rather an odd combination. Can we expect that all government websites will now be accessible only by interpretive dance instead of the more conventional password?”

“The Camden Falcons Over-35s Division 3 soccer team has a backline of three players, whose combined age is 198. I’m sure this is a feat that can be bettered, but I just thought I’d put it out there,” says the appropriately named Frans Boot of Gregory Hills.

“Sylvia Dewey is spot-on (C8). ScoMo, Albo and BoJo are appearing in a new Disney movie,” says Jonty Grinter of Katoomba. “It’s a remake of Fantasia, directed by Mickey Mouse.” David Gordon of Cranebrook suggests a different remake: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, though with 24 in the Cabinet, seven is rather limiting. (The ‘dwarf’ tag relates to intellectual, not physical stature.) Marise Payne (MarPa), Bridget McKenzie (Brick), Michaelia Cash (MicCa), Karen Andrews (KarAn), Sussan Ley (SuLey), Linda Reynolds (LiRey) and Anne Ruston (AnRus) will be jostling for the part of Snow White. Leading the charge to bag a dwarf spot will be Peter Dutton (PerDu), with Scott Morrison (ScoMo), Josh Frydenberg (JoFry), Christian Porter (CrisP), Dan Tehan (DanTe), Angus Taylor (GusTy), Stuart Robert (StRobe) and David Littleproud (DaLit) hot on his heels.”

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