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Fischer’s vocal vapour trails take your breath away

Concourse Concert Hall, June 4

And then it happens: her chocolatey contralto disappears like a missile into the ozone layer, leaving vapour trails of improbably high notes. It’s not the range that floors you (although I’ve probably never heard a singer with more), but the beauty: the complete absence of any brittleness of sound or look-at-me grandstanding; the exquisite musicality, control and dynamics.

That all this happens on an inverted, dream-like version of Gimme Shelter just thickens the spell.

Of course Lisa Fischer knows something about that song. For a quarter of a century this was her big feature as the Rolling Stones’ main backing singer, and it is a testament to her artistry that she opts not to trade on the crowd-pleasing potential of anything closely echoing the Stones.

So, together with her musical director JC Maillard (guitars, saz, Fender Rhodes, vocals) and the other members of Grand Baton (bassist Aidan Carroll and drummer Thierry Arpino), she transformed it from a much-loved rock fossil into something Ariel might have conjured in the stratosphere.

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