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International Rules still on agenda, for 2020

The AFL last played an International Rules test in Ireland in 2015 visiting New York on the way to both train and make the November trip an attractive option for the AFL’s best players.

Australia narrowly won the two tests played in Adelaide and Perth in 2017 with Geelong coach Chris Scott in charge

The prospect of playing a test in America was then flagged but planning stalled when the AFL was unable to find a suitable venue in the USA.

The series, which kicked off in 1984 after previous tours of the Galahs in previous decades, will need to find a place in an increasingly crowded schedule that now includes AFLX, the JLT Community Series and AFL premiership season.

The AFL is currently reviewing their off-season to ensure players have sufficient time off and clubs have uninterrupted access to their players after they return from the Christmas break in January.

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