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Inner West creative blames his cocaine habit for sexually assaulting woman

Branagan told the woman he had met at the pub that “he had to get his phone which was on charge inside the house and go to the toilet”.

Branagan at Work-Shop, which he co-founded.

Branagan at Work-Shop, which he co-founded.Credit:Instagram

Instead, he climbed up the side of the house and through the loungeroom window, damaging the house’s guttering in the process.

He then walked into the woman’s roommates bedroom, where she was asleep naked.

She awoke to Branagan naked in her bed, attempting to sexually assault her.

The woman, who cannot be named, repeatedly told him to stop.

Branagan told the woman he was “not getting it up” because of the cocaine he had taken.

He then began to rummage through her dresser, telling the woman he was looking for lubricant.

The woman told him to leave, and he then returned to her roommate’s granny flat.

The following day, Branagan called the woman a number of times. At midday, he arrived at the share house and handed them a glass terrarium and a pile of $50 notes.

The money was refused, and the second woman went the following day to Newtown Police Station where she made a formal complaint about Branagan.

“[The accused] was very apologetic … and constantly blamed his drug use. [The accused] claimed he was not well and needed help. [The accused] continued to phone and text the complainant,” say court documents.

Police began an investigation, finding Branagan’s DNA throughout the home, and he was charged with four offences on Thursday October 12, 2017.

He was refused bail by police.

After several days of deliberation, a jury convicted Branagan of sexual assault and indecent assault on June 14 in the District Court.

He will return to the same court on August 15, where he will be sentenced.

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