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What’s on TV: Thursday, July 11

Zombie House Flipping

9Life, 7.30pm

First the bad news: there are no homes teeming with undead in this lifestyle show. The zombie houses here are abandoned properties in Orlando, Florida that have fallen into deep disrepair and are the perfect buy, fix and sell project for aspiring property mogul Justin Stamper and his team. Like way too many other American lifestyle shows that have spawned from the success of the burgeoning A&E channels, this is more steered improvisation than observational reality – some of the setbacks are ludicrous but the results are always good, just as it is at the pawn shop, the storage locker sale, and the vehicular chop shop. This a trifle of a show in an already crowded genre that makes The Block look like a work of cinema verite documentary filmmaking.

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