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Friends band to together to stage slain comedian Eurydice Dixon’s show

The completed Inconvenient Empathy is the work of mates and fellow comedians including Greg ‘Duff’ Duffield, Sofie Prints and Andrew Roberts, who have taken Eurydice’s concept and turned it into an hour-long show at the Old Ballroom in Trades Hall.

Eurydice Dixon performing stand up.

Eurydice Dixon performing stand up.Credit:Facebook

It has been a difficult journey for the writers, not only because of the emotion involved in completing their friend’s work, but because of its confronting material which, between jokes, explores such ideas as men’s suicide and incarceration rates.

“It would be so good to have done a nice, feel good show,” Duff said. “In a lot of ways it would have been much easier if she wanted to do a show about ducks. But that’s not Eurydice. She would think deeply about subjects.

“In order to do the show the best justice, you have to be divisive and almost annoy people. I’m out of my comfort zone … but this was the show she wanted.”

The friends have performed Inconvenient Empathy to positive receptions twice before in more informal settings. But thanks to festival organisers, who have waved the registration fee, provided a venue and awarded them funds from the Ralph McLean Microgrant Program, Eurydice’s show will now reach a far wider audience.

A moment from 'Inconvenient Empathy', to be performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

A moment from ‘Inconvenient Empathy’, to be performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

And would she enjoy their interpretation?

“That’s a good question,” Duff said. “I hope she would. Maybe she’d think we were stuffing it up and say ‘Can’t you come up with your own ideas for crying out loud?’

“You really just don’t know what Eurydice would have wanted. She had such a unique mind it’s almost impossible. … for us, it’s just so important to keep her unique mind and spirit alive.”

Inconvenient Empathy also has the support of Eurydice’s father, Jeremy, who has established his own company, called Awkward Giraffe, to promote the show and others like it.

The writers hope the show will live on after Fringe and involve more comedians.

It will be staged at 9.15pm on Thursday, September 19 at the Old Ballroom of Trades Hall. Entry is free.

To book tickets visit or call (03) 9660 9666.

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