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Daily Picks M Magazine August 18 – Friday

Whatever the reason for the strange disappearance of reliable family man, Evan, there are obviously clues to be found by studying the feet of his wife, fun-loving mother of three, Faith (Eve Myles, Torchwood). These manicured extremities are regularly seen in close-up – slipping into stilettos, tottering down the street, twisting anxiously on the carpeted stairs – clumsily symbolising Faith’s mounting anxiety. Happily, the plot thickens nicely and the mystery is enticing.




New series ★★★½


The cutthroat world of US commercial television news, where stories must continually break, the more scandalous the better, is a ripe setting for a crime series. In this realm, presided over by a ruthless anchorwoman with the workplace interaction sensibility of Harvey Weinstein, TV and law enforcement make perfect bedfellows, each feeding the other what they both need to survive. It’s a glamorous, messy place where the stakes are high and the unthinkable happens.

Killer Bridges

Killer BridgesCredit:



8.30pm, SBS

Alarming statistics about bridge collapses in the past decade precedes a forensic examination of what went wrong in the 2016 disaster in Genoa, Italy. Footage of this event and its aftermath is replayed ad nauseam, presumably to make up for the lack of video evidence of many other collapses. A morbid fear of bridges in general is installed long before a brief mention of new building and maintenance measures in place across the industry.

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