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755kg of Mexican meth found stashed in frozen cow hides

AFP commander Amanda Kates, ABF commander Craig Palmer and Assistant Minister for Customs Jason Wood are scheduled to address the media about the discovery at 11.30 on Wednesday.

The drugs were allegedly hidden inside frozen cow hides.

The drugs were allegedly hidden inside frozen cow hides.Credit:AFP/ABF

The find comes not even three months since 1.6 tonnes of methamphetamine arrived at the Melbourne docks hidden inside speakers shipped from Bangkok, Thailand.

Authorities said the June 7 seizure, the biggest haul of methamphetamine ever found on Australian soil, equated to about 16 million drug deals and had an estimated street value of $1.197 billion.

After an X-ray, officers spotted “anomalies” inside the speakers and took them apart.


They found dozens of packages containing methamphetamine and heroin, which had been vacuum-packed and stuffed inside the stereo units. No one has been arrested.

In February, federal police and border force officers intercepted 1.7 tonnes of methamphetamine in the US which was bound for Australia.

It was the largest methamphetamine seizure ever recorded on US soil and the biggest Australian intercept.

The drugs had also been inside a shipment of loudspeakers on a ship in Los Angeles, US authorities said.

Police said the haul demonstrated a clear link between local outlaw bikie gangs such as the Bandidos and extremely sophisticated Mexican drug cartels.

The Bandidos motorcycle gang released an unusual statement following the seizure, hotly denying having any link to the major haul.

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