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Daily Picks M Magazine September 1 – Friday

This overtly sensational approach to the effects of industrialisation and climate change dangerously undermines the fight to preserve the planet. Subtitled, “Nature’s Revenge” it’s a collection of spectacular footage of such disasters as sinkholes, wildfires, storms, tidal surges and underground mine fires, with a special focus on one unfortunate chap in Shropshire, UK, whose dreams of retiring on his houseboat were shattered when a canal embankment collapsed.

Gardening Australia

Gardening AustraliaCredit:



7.30pm, ABC

Pushing a pastime more pertinent than ever, this veteran horticultural show has adapted with the times yet retained its wholesome essence. These dear gardeners are still urging us to mulch, mulch, mulch. But they’re also tackling big issues such as pollination, demonstrating how easy it is to plant flowers, and why we must. Jane Edmanson has some timely tips for taking native cuttings. And a very special garden is serenaded.

Fraggle Rock

Fraggle RockCredit:


5pm, NITV

They might never have achieved the stratospheric fame of their Muppet Show cousins or their Sesame Street friends, but the Fraggles are just as brimming with simple wisdom (frequently expressed through song), as Jim Henson’s other creations. Dreaming their impossible dreams, they are an echo of their Dark Crystal cousins, but existing in a much more theatrical context. They’re back from the 1980s to brighten up weeknights with their catchy theme tune.

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