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Daily Picks M Magazine September 1 – Wednesday

Sitting somewhere between comedy and tragedy, this richly textured drama goes to the heart of human connection. Whether the fleeting kind (of which there are many amusing examples, courtesy of the premise), or the more protracted and intense (such as the complicated anti-romance unfolding centre stage), each relationship is treated like a rare and fascinating specimen, allowed to develop at its own pace and in its own, often unpredictable, way.





10pm, Ten

Underbelly comes to these savvy trial scientists when a crime matriarch calls on the doc with the ironic surname to get one of her little darlings off the hook. Not so simple when exhibit A is a dead judge. The jurors are tossed especially tricky hypotheticals, even the one bizarrely holding a newspaper in the courtroom. As unlikely as these predictable outcomes might be, the suspense is maintained until the final gavel.

The Celebrity Chase

The Celebrity ChaseCredit:



6pm, Seven

It’s not until the final round that the star brainiacs trotted out to test the general knowledge of a panel of TV personalities, get to show off their own pub trivia prowess, which, at least in the case of tonight’s “chaser”, Anne “The Governess” Hegerty, is not infallible. The standout panellist is Gogglebox’s Yvie Jones, who is still so adorably natural on screen, she can’t help staring up at the lighting rig.

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