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Melbourne Express, Wednesday, September 4, 2019

That’s all for the blog today – have a great day!

Hanna Turbet will be back in the blogging chair tomorrow morning and will give out the answer to today’s target word. 

How did you go with today’s brainteaser?

I’ve posted the answer below. Don’t scroll down any further unless you want the answer revealed. (I included a stealth hint in the photo caption in the post below too) 

Here is the answer:

The first with the answer on Twitter was Tom Burgess and the first via email was  Ronan M. 

Here’s what was in The Age on Friday, September 4, 1998 (exactly 21 years ago today):

  • 229 people had perished after a Swiss Air flight crashed off the coast of Canada.
  • Victoria’s judges had secured a 3 per cent pay rise, meaning a Supreme Court judge’s annual salary was now $182,100.
  • If you were planning on having a quiet night in, your TV options were ‘Westworld’ on Channel Seven, ‘Lethal Weapon 3’ on Channel Nine and ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ on Channel 10.
  • And the biggest music stars in the world, The Spice Girls*, were set to perform in Melbourne, at the Dallas Brooks Hall on September 24. 

The Spice Girls... (notice the indecisiveness signalled by the ellipsis)

The Spice Girls… (notice the indecisiveness signalled by the ellipsis)Credit:Microfilm

*Actually a tribute act.

The Age’s Letters page has been lighting up this week with readers questioning the difficulty settings of our Sudoku puzzles.

Monday’s ‘moderate’ Soduku was rounded on as being ‘diabolical’ in difficulty, which has opened the floodgates with readers wondering whether it’s the puzzles that are changing, or their brains: 

Last Thursday’s was beyond diabolical. It was un-startable.
Jenny Birman, McKinnon

I thought it was my ageing brain but the Sudoku was not moderate.
Lynette Payne, Richmond

Have you noticed an uptick in the difficulty of the Soduku puzzles lately? 


3AW’s Rumour File says Paul Kelly will be the headline musical act at this year’s Grand Final: 

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, the Rumour File has form when it comes to getting the inside scoop on the Grand Final entertainment. 

Paul Kelly

Paul KellyCredit:Peter Stoop

The right lane is closed on the M80 Ring Road, Altona-bound just prior to Sunshine Avenue because of a collision, VicRoads warns. 

Recap: A man has been charged with murder over the death of “bubbly” toddler Jaidyn, found dead in the family home on Monday.

The 32-year-old Langwarrin man will front the Melbourne Magistrates Court today. 

[Check out the full article] 

How are you going with today’s brainteaser?

Here’s a hint: the answer is on full view three times in the brainteaser question above. 

Oops, I almost forgot abou today’s target word. 

The letters today are: 

I B R O M E D E L 

Can you rearrange them into a nine-letter word? 

I couldn’t figure it out (but I always seem to get them on days when I’m not blogging) 

The best I could come up with was ‘El Bromide’ (Spanish for ‘the Bromide’), while the best a colleague could come up with was ‘Le Bromide’ (French for ‘the Bromide’).

It’s the start of September, and that means that pretty soon Spring will be upon us. That means plants will be flowering, and that means hay fever, and that means unpleasantness. 

You can keep up to date with the pollen forecasts by downloading the Melbourne Pollen Count app. The pollen count has been carried out at Melbourne University for almost 30 years, so it’s got a wealth of data to draw on. 

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