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Melbourne Express, Friday, September 6, 2019

And that’s a wrap from us today.

The sun might be shining now, but the bureau assures us the winds and storms and possible hail really will hit later today.

The trains are causing dramas still, with major delays on the Upfield line and minor delays still afflicting the Cranbourne, Mernda and Pakenham lines.

Check in to throughout the day for the latest news, including a likely verdict on the plight of the Tamil family fighting to avoid deportatation.

Have a great day. Stay dry, and safe. We’ll be back bright and early on Monday.

Good work from Susan Munday, Alastair Liptrot, Virginia Testro and Lochlann Hall on this morning’s Target word.

Yesterday’s solution was SUSPENDED. Which was extremely appropriate given yesterday’s train suspensions.

Here’s some breaking news from the US:

An Australian tourist has died while swimming in a river in America’s Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon.Credit:Shutterstock

Grand Canyon National Park rangers said they received an emergency call to an area of the Colorado River near Deer Creek Falls on Tuesday but attempts to revive Kenneth Reece, a 77-year-old from Tasmania, were not successful.

Reece was pulled from the river by other members of his tour and CPR was initiated.

Park rangers and the Coconino County Medical Examiner Office are investigating his death.

Read more here.

West Coast coach Adam Simpson is confident Nic Naitanui has nothing to worry about despite the star ruckman being reported for slamming an opponent into the fence.

Naitanui was left fuming after Bombers midfielder Zach Merrett tugged on one of his dreadlocks during the third quarter of West Coast’s 55-point elimination final win.

The 29-year-old Eagle grabbed Merrett by the throat and slammed him into the boundary-line fence in reaction to the incident.

Merrett wasn’t injured by the impact, and both players are expected to escape with a fine.

Read more here.

We need an airport link, right? We just can’t seem to get our leaders to agree on how to do it.

Here, the Public Transport Users Association weighs in.

The first 100 days of a new government are crucial for any prime minister, writes Tory Maguire.

It’s their first opportunity to put into action a policy agenda promised to voters in an election, and the time when Australians are most open to big plans and big ideas.

The PM has laid out his priorities for the next three years – tax relief, deregulation, infrastructure, drought and youth suicide.

He’s told colleagues he doesn’t want his agenda to be “treated like a fast food meal”. Instead, “it is there to be digested”.

The anniversary of Scott Morrison’s rise to the top job passed with barely a comment from within government ranks. They say they’re getting on with the job, with no time to mull over the past.

Read more here.

Start your weekend with free comedy at North Melbourne’s Club Voltaire tonight from 7.30pm.

The lineup is a mystery but some of Melbourne’s best stand-ups have been known to drop by and test their new material so you never know your luck.

First-timers are also welcome. More info here.

Here’s our popular CBD column from Samantha Hutchinson and Kylar Loussikian

Real estate types have been on high alert for fireworks inside CBRE’s offices ever since the property giant announced it had secured one of the country’s top-billing agents, Simon Rooney, from rival JLL.

An expert in selling shopping centres – big ones – with price tags nearing a billion dollars, Rooney was unchallenged at the top of the pile inside JLL. But things were always going to be different over at CBRE, an altogether different ecosystem with its own pecking order.

And so it comes as no surprise that Rooney’s first few weeks in the job have made waves at his new agency.

If agents on the ground are to be believed, new rules of engagement drafted by the company have handed Rooney his pick of listings priced at more than $75 million and in any state.

This is apparently causing the biggest stir in Melbourne, where a team led by indefatigable upstart Mark Wizel – also at CBRE – has been barred from competing for listings valued over $75 million.

Read more here.

A contender for headline of the year?

As Europe correspondent Nick Miller wrote, the British PM’s own brother, Jo Johnson, has resigned from the government and from politics saying he cannot reconcile the national interest with family loyalty.

Sadly, a wintry burst has popped our spring bubble.

Senior meteorologist Michael Efron said strong to gale force winds were developing in western Victoria, and would slowly make their way across the state.

Those winds are expected to generate a significant amount of dust in the Mallee area, and then sweep the Grampians and south west coast.

The Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland areas are expected to cop the brunt of the wild weather later on Friday and into Saturday morning.

And the alpine areas will receive a good dumping of fresh snow.

In the city, we’re expecting rain and wind, with a chance of hail and thunderstorms throughout the day.

Mr Efron said storms could hit the entire state, along with strong winds and hail.

“It’s typical to see these wintry bursts, even into spring,” he said.

In the week ahead, we’re expecting maximum temperatures of between 13-15 degrees.

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