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Melbourne Express, Wednesday, September 11, 2019

That’s all for today’s blog. Hanna Turbet will be back in the blogging chair from 6am tomorrow.

As for today’s brainteaser, nobody was able to solve it, but then again I think that was due to me making it too darn cryptic. 

Here was the brainteaser: 

And here is the answer:

For the tech buffs who read the Express blog, here are some details on the new iPhone. 

Normally I don’t like to post rumours in the blog, but 3AW’s Rumour File has a pretty good batting average when it comes to musical acts. They’ve been spot-on with the Grand Final entertainment the past few years, and last week they were first with the news that Paul Kelly would be performing at this year’s Final. 

They are currently hearing that the Rolling Stones may be touring Australia in the near future: 

The Rolling Stones in concert, at the Rod Laver Arena, on November 5, 2014.

The Rolling Stones in concert, at the Rod Laver Arena, on November 5, 2014.Credit:Paul Jeffers

[Check out the full story]

Oops, I completely forgot about this morning’s brainteaser hint. 

Here is the brainteaser: 

And here is the hint: The Romans would have an advantage when it comes to today’s brainteaser. 

I’ll post the answer at 9am. 

What is your coffee name? That’s your name, once it has been percolated through a barista’s perception of what you said. My coffee name, for example, is ‘Rick’. 

Reader Leanne writes her name has mutated into “Lynette… or lene… or line”. 

“I read somewhere it was actually a good marketing ploy to misspell names because people post about the funny name and usually where they got their coffee from. Free advertising?” she writes. 

Our social media editor says her husband’s name is Michael, but he become Marco whenever he orders a coffee. She says he has been known as Marco for years there as a result, and it’s too late to correct the record now. 

Good Food national writer Callan Boys is not a fan of the humble chicken parma. 

How can I tell? Well, his article on chicken parmas includes this subtle dig at the pub staple:

“The chicken parmigiana is a waste of kilojoules. An abuse of deep-fried chook. The schnitzel is already perfect with lemon, mash and gravy. Why anyone would want to make its crunchy coating soggy with sugo is beyond me,”  he writes. 

His piece is probably one of the most controversial Good Food has published this year, and not because of the disagreement over whether the meal should be a called a ‘parma’ or a ‘parmi’. That debate was settled by the Premier last year: 

Check out the article. 

Metro is warning of delays of up to 25 minutes on the Upfield line because of a track equipment fault near Flemington Bridge.

It’s time for the daily dose of light-hearted news. Although, if you believe in sea monsters, this Odd Spot might be the most terrifying thing you will read all day:

A 740-kilogram, car-sized underwater science observatory is missing. The $500,000 Boknis Eck Observatory, which sat on the Baltic Sea floor at a depth of 22 metres, 1.8 kilometres off the coast of Germany, vanished in late August. A severed power cable remains. German officials said it was too big to be moved by currents, storms or animals, and suspect it was stolen, possibly for metal, or unwittingly caught by a fishing trawler.

This image made from video recorded in deep sea off Chichi island, Japan, in 2012, is one of the only times a giant squid has been filmed.

This image made from video recorded in deep sea off Chichi island, Japan, in 2012, is one of the only times a giant squid has been filmed. Credit:AP

I ducked out before for a coffee before (it’s why there is often a lull in blog posts between about 6.50am and 7.05am when I’m on the Melbourne Express) and encountered one of the oddest barista-respellings of my name in quite a while. 

I often get renamed ‘Greg’ or ‘Clay’ whenever a barista asks for my name, but today was the first time I became ‘Rick’… which doesn’t bear much resembelence to ‘Craig’ at all. 

What is the strangest mispelling of your name you’ve ever got from a barista? Shoot me an email or include your name in the comments.

Fun fact: when I was analysing tax office data on earnings earlier this year, it showed the average income for a barrister was $40,000. I suspect it’s because lots of baristas mispelled their job as barrister on their tax returns, which drove down the average for what one would assume is a very high-paid profession. 

There has been some rather brazen vandalism of a Watergardens train. 

Police say a man tagged the rear driver’s window of the moving train at North Melbourne station about 5.30pm on Monday, August 12. 

The man disembarked at Footscray Station, where he was confronted by station staff, but fled and jumped on the same train as it headed off. 

Police have released an image of a man they believe may be able to assist with their enquiries: 

I wonder if his name is actually Tommy Jeans.

I wonder if his name is actually Tommy Jeans. Credit:Victoria Police

They are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

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