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What’s on TV: Wednesday, September 18

Ten, 9.40pm

The season three finale of the worst-named show on the box is here, and it’s packing an emotional payoff for long-time fans of the Dr Phil prototype (stick around for the final scene) and a ho-hum courtroom drama that never really gets off the ground in the tension stakes despite the accused being a woman charged with the murder of her young stepdaughter.

Dr Jason Bull.

Dr Jason Bull.

There’s not too much trial consulting going on by the aptly named Dr Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) and his supposedly crack team of super-experts, who spend most of their time moaning about the difficulty of proving their case while failing to offer anything that transcends what a garden-variety lawyer could offer. Free advice for the accused: ask for your money back.

Whisky Cavalier

SBS, 10.25

Enjoy the high-energy chases and self-conscious humour of the US comedy-drama thriller but don’t get too attached – Whiskey Cavalier was axed after its first season. Its pilot episode works hard to win attention in an overstuffed genre, piling on the baddies and the espionage and the odd couple matching of FBI agent Will Chase, aka Whiskey Cavalier (Scott Foley) and CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge, aka Fiery Tribune (Lauren Cohan) as they bicker companionably over the running of a mysterious team of international superspies.

Does it make sense? Not always. The threats to international security – a vial of a toxin that “could wipe out half of Europe” — seem overplayed, while the segues between high-octane mayhem and arch comedy is often jarring. But Foley, so often the good guy dudded by love, proves he has the comedic chops to go the extra mile to play a good spy dudded by love.

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