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Teacher who told students about her ‘boob job’ loses licence

It began in March 2015, with Emma driving John home without his parents’ consent. On a school trip in June, John sat between his teacher’s legs while she played with his hair for about 30 minutes.

By the end of the year, John was having dinner with Emma and her room-mates in their home.

After John left school at the end of 2015, the relationship became more intense.

In December, Emma drove the pair to a rural location where they spent the day together.

They also went to the movies to watch the new Star Wars film and Emma also took John to a Christmas production at a church where she introduced him as her boyfriend.

On New Year’s Eve, they were seen kissing at a party and in January Emma took her former student to a baptism as her date.

According to the decision, sometime in June or July 2016, Emma met up with John at a nightclub “where she was physically intimate with him in public, including playing with each other’s hair, kissing each other on the neck, kissing each other on the lips and dancing in close proximity”.

Soon after, John went to the airport to see Emma off for her yearlong trip to Europe and the UK.

“While at the airport, the former relevant student and [Emma] were publicly physically intimate, including holding hands, hugging and kissing each other,” the decision read.

Months later, John travelled to London and met up with Emma “during which time they were physically intimate”.

The tribunal determined she had “failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries” with her students and revoked her registration for three years from the date of her suspension, which was in 2016.

If Emma decides to apply for registration, the application must include an independent psychologist’s report addressing his understanding of the difference between personal and professional relationships.

*Real name were suppressed by the tribunal to protect the identity of the former student.

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