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Sennheiser Momentum 3 offers richer sound at a higher price

Steel tracks hold the cups in position, and adjusting the size feels smoother and somehow more analog than the competition. The cups and headband are covered in smooth sheepskin leather that feels warmer and more comfortable than the plastic and pleather normally found. All this adds to the weight of the headphones, but they never feel bulky, and I wore them comfortably all day.

A minimal, soft case makes for a nice change.

A minimal, soft case makes for a nice change.

There’s no touch interface hidden in the cups. Instead, the Momentum has tactile buttons that are easy to feel and recognise without looking. I much prefer real, physical buttons on over-ear headphones. Touch controls are harder to operate blind, and can be confused by long hair.

The headphones come with a soft, light grey pillbox travel case  in contrast to the standard black hard case of over-ear headphones. This case looks better while being more practical. I much prefer a lighter, collapsible case that’s really just there to hold the airline adaptors and cables I don’t normally need day to day.

The Momentum supports Google Assistant and Alexa with a tap once you handshake the headphones to each app. This allows iPhone users like me a quicker way to talk Google’s far superior assistant over Siri. There’s even Tile built in, to track down your headphones if you lose them. Battery life is not as good as some, but still more than enough to listen for the length of a long haul flight, wirelessly and with noise cancelling on.

As much as I love the look and feel, I can’t help but balk at the asking price of the Momentum 3 when compared to the competition. But then again, these headphones feel like they’ll outlive the current crop of plastic cans.

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