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TechKnow: Men’s electric shavers put to the test

Considering a new electric shaver? Or are you still pondering the leap from disposable razors and cartridges? Investing in a quality appliance means significant savings for you and the planet compared to disposables, as well as faster shaves with little chance of nicks.

With the manly assistance of David Musgrave, I tested the Philips Shaver 6000 and Braun’s Series 9. The main difference between them is that the former follows the face’s contours in multiple directions with three rotary blade heads, while the Braun is what’s known as a foil shaver, with a series of oscillating blades that can independently tilt left or right. Its head swivels up and down within about 45 degrees, and can lock in place at one of five angles.

Both are wet and dry shavers that are easily rinsed in water, operate cordlessly with mains charging, and have automatic international voltage adaptation, one-touch travel locks and sturdy travel cases. They are light and comfortable to hold, and have simple LED displays indicating battery levels and when the lock is on. The Braun’s built-in trimmer slides up from the rear of the device, while the Philips trimmer is an included attachment that replaces the shaver head.

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