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Faith: Celebrate diversity

It’s October but March is coming! When you are married to a die-hard Richmond supporter for decades, you would think I would be heaving a sigh of relief that it’s over for a few months – with a happy result for my husband and children, all of whom roar with the Tigers.

As a lifelong Geelong supporter (I have long consoled myself that the kids were following Cats of sorts), our mixed marriage was a little strained at the preliminary final this year, with a long, silent 6 kilometre walk home from the MCG while I processed the result. However, the sun came up the next day and I was happy for my family and our black cat who bears the name “Lucky Dusty”.

At this point I have to confess to not being a very intelligent football supporter. While my family are discussing the finer intricacies of the game, I am often heard commenting on the birds flying overhead, the wonderful cloud formations and sunsets seen frequently at the MCG, the hairstyles and body art of footballers and, of course, the supporters around me.

I’ve tried to learn not to point out most of my non-football-related observations at critical moments of the game for my own wellbeing.

Since I can’t follow much – with the ever-changing rules – I have taken an interest over the years in footballers’ life stories, the journeys that have made them who they are. There is no doubt they make up a very influential part of the fabric of our society, especially these days when their status as role models is taken a lot more seriously by the clubs.  The culture of the clubs has changed for the better and the players and clubs sound far more supportive and respectful.

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