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McLachlan accuser regularly sat on his lap between scenes, court told

“I would say it was a regular occurrence,” Mr Lavercombe said on Wednesday.

He said the woman did so for “maybe a minute or two” at that stage of the show, and did so “a few times a week”.

It emerged during Mr Lavercombe’s evidence he hadn’t told police about the woman sitting in Mr McLachlan’s lap when first interviewed, and prosecutor Matt Fisher asked the witness if he “made up” his evidence on Wednesday.

“I definitely didn’t make that up,” Mr Lavercombe replied.

“That’s very offensive to insinuate that.”

It also emerged on Wednesday that Mr McLachlan was prepared to give evidence if necessary and that the contested hearing could run into next year.

Mr Lavercombe said Mr McLachlan was a “joker” with the entire cast and crew and regularly told people he loved them.

“Craig told me he loved me possibly every day. I think he told everybody,” he said.

“I think his aim was to make them smile with it.”

The two men discussed Mr McLachlan going to speak to one of the women to support her because the star felt she was being bullied by another actor, Mr Lavercombe said.

He said Mr McLachlan and one of the women had similar senses of humour and often scared each other backstage, told rude jokes and were “goosing” each other.

“It’s where you pinch someone’s bum,” the witness said.

Mr Lavercombe said the same woman was disruptive, and once asked him, the witness, if her pants were transparent.

Mr McLachlan is accused of putting his tongue in one woman’s mouth during an unscripted kiss and of inappropriately touching another female actor when they were in a scene together but he was hidden from the audience.

He is also accused of putting his hand up a third woman’s leg while she was on stage, and kissing the fourth woman offstage without her consent.

The four women cannot be named.

Mr McLachlan’s lawyers argue some alleged acts didn’t happen and the ones that did were either consensual or didn’t constitute an assault or indecent assault.

A friend of one of the women said she was told Mr McLachlan leant into one of the female actors when he had an erection.

“He leant up against her and he had an erect penis and he wanted her to know,” the friend recalled of the conversation the two women had.

The female actor was “taken aback” and felt uncomfortable and “violated”, her friend said, and “felt she was unable to do anything about it”.

Defence counsel Stuart Littlemore, QC, said Mr McLachlan was prepared to give evidence if necessary.

The contested hearing could go into February because of the limited sitting days left this year, and because magistrate Belinda Wallington will be away in January.

The hearing continues on Thursday.

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