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Burglary at a Pimpernel level

The nine-year-old granddaughter of Sandra Doughty of Yerong Creek is an avid reader and received an end-of-year school award for high achievement in literacy. “Proudly showing off her certificate she announced: ‘I don’t even know what literacy is.'”

Granny was somewhat reassured to receive a missive from a resident of the United States who described the disputed term “lucked out” (C8) as “strange”. Erik Nielsen of Longmont, Colorado, then went on to say: “Luck out = lucky. Out of luck = unlucky. Americans have a tendency to add to their verbs; most people open up a package instead of just opening it.” Penny Zantos of Artarmon helps with usage. “This expression is usually used in the context of avoiding something, either dangerous or just unpleasant. The words ‘get lucky’ are used if you win something or hope to win or gain something.”

“Pol Pot might have disagreed with Ian Little’s statement that there was no year zero (C8),” observes Colum Hughes of Maroubra.

Clearing up any confusion as to why “bin burgling” (C8) only occurs at the home of his mother-in-law, Ken Hudson of Wollongbar writes: “I live mainly on the road, and haven’t owned a house since 2012. House-sitting at present in smoky Bowral.”

“When circumstances necessitate engaging in the covert art of ‘bin burgling’ (C8) my husband always refers to himself as The Garbage Pimpernel,” writes Christina Mahoney of West Pymble.

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