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Play bark: music for pets left alone

Pet owners of the world: Spotify wants you to know that it sees you – and your furry beloved – and is acknowledging the range of emotions that come with your version of parenthood.

No longer should you toil over whether your best bud likes Adele as much as you, nor should you feel guilt over the separation anxiety your cat or dog or even lizard may be experiencing while you work off your own tail for hours every day. Your pets might be alone, but they won’t be lonely. There’s a Spotify playlist for that.

On Monday, the popular music-streaming service announced that it had developed an algorithm to curate “pawfect” playlists that serve the soothing needs of you and your pet, as long as your pet is a dog, cat, bird, hamster or iguana (sorry, teacup pigs). Its five-step process asks pet owners to identify their animal’s breed and then select on a sliding scale whether they are relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly and apathetic or curious.

For this reporter, the owner of a large, fluffy black cat named Tank who purrs like a diesel engine, drools like a dog and hates when others feel peace, the curation quiz meant toggling each slider hard to the right.

The final step includes telling Spotify your pet’s name and uploading your favorite picture of its cute face. Then the streaming site’s algorithm says it is “syncing your taste” and spits out a personalized playlist.

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