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Criminal charges against Nabil Maghnie dismissed after shooting death

His coffin was greeted by the huge crowd after his body arrived from a traditional Muslim ceremony held privately at a nearby mosque.

Nabil Maghnie's sons stand over his coffin at the underworld figure's funeral last week.

Nabil Maghnie’s sons stand over his coffin at the underworld figure’s funeral last week.

The coffin was set down on the edge of the car park for the Sugar Gum precinct, where, facing towards Mecca, Muslim attendees were led in prayer before Maghnie’s body was carried to the gravesite.

Among the mourners were one of Maghnie’s sons, Abbas jnr, and long-time associate Sam Shelby, who were both wounded by gunfire at the same time Maghnie lost his life.

Police, who held concerns about a potential disturbance at the ceremony, were stationed in patrol cars in streets outside the cemetery, which is hemmed in by the Western Ring Road.

Maghnie was shot dead outside a house in Dalton Road, Epping, amid what appeared to be an escalating dispute over responsibility for a car accident involving a family member that happened days before.

Maghnie, AJ and Shelby were apparently unarmed, and the shooter was seen calmly walking away from the scene, uninjured.

No one has yet been arrested for Maghnie’s murder.

Scenes at the cemetery.

Scenes at the cemetery.

Underworld and police sources have described Maghnie as one of the toughest and most feared of the current generation of underworld figures, in no small part due to his unpredictability and extensive contacts in the city’s organised crime networks and the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang.

He was famous for driving himself to hospital after being shot in the face and chest in 2016, carrying a bullet in his neck to his grave.


Maghnie was suspected of involvement in a string of unsolved shootings and no less than four murders, including the drive-by shooting at the Love Machine nightclub in April 2019 that killed two people.

Individuals linked to Maghnie, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly opened fire indiscriminately at a crowd standing in front of the venue in what is believed to have been a revenge attack for being ejected from the club.

Maghnie’s recorded criminal history, which dates back to 1993, pales in comparison with what police have suspected: drug trafficking, weapons offences and the attempted murder of bikie Toby Mitchell in 2011.

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