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Queensland seeks to conquer new frontiers with space investment plan

“This gives us a strong foundation to extend our reach when it comes to space-related activities such as robotics, automation, systems design, and the launching of payloads.”

Queensland’s space industry currently supports more than 2000 full-time-equivalent jobs and generates $760 million in annual revenue, with about 20 per cent of Australia’s space jobs in the state, the investment strategy says.

Mr Dick said the state government’s goal was to focus on four space-related areas to create up to 6000 new jobs and generate $6 billion annually by 2036.

The investment strategy focuses on two aspects – developing orbital launch and static rocket-testing facilities, satellite ground stations and a data analytics hub, and helping space industry businesses grow locally and internationally.

Mr Dick cited Queensland’s remote, “advantageous” location and strong university-led research abilities, combined with its robotic, automation and manufacturing industries, as key to the process.

Nationally, the space industry generates between $3 billion and $4 billion in annual revenue, with the global space economy worth US$345 billion ($513 billion).

“Queensland’s space industry already supports 2000 jobs and generates $760 million in annual revenue through industry services like satellite communications, and we’re eager to build on these numbers,” Mr Dick said.

“Space technology also adds value to other areas of our economy, delivering increased productivity through Earth observation data and satellite positioning systems.

“For example, there is huge potential for key industries in Queensland to benefit from satellite data  to improve practices like land and fresh water management, and agricultural production.”

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