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Claremont killer trial LIVE: Cold case detective reveals details of dramatic early morning arrest of Edwards

Ms Payne has now moved onto July 2019, when Detective Berry travelled to Victoria to deliver some exhibits taken from Ciara’s post mortem to a forensic lab for “DNA comparison”.

The exhibits included a billy bucket and yellow top container that contained some of Ciara’s hair samples, as well as plastic bags containing paper drop sheets. 

Detective Berry’s evidence has been paused to allow for morning tea. 

It will resume at 11.40am. 

Prosecutor Tara Payne is taking Detective Berry through the documents created as a result of discovering the notebook. 

Among the documents was a list compiled by a Bankwest employee, detailing the possible ATMs referred to in the notes, and their locations. 

On December 5, 1996 – in the months after its alleged Mr Edwards had murdered Sarah and Jane after taking them from Claremont – Bankwest concluded it was likely a notation for a $300 withdrawal from ‘Bayview’ was referring to an ATM on Bay View Terrace, in Claremont. 

Mr Edwards, after his arrest in 2016, told detectives he had never been to Claremont prior to 2009. 

In 2014, Mr Edwards' second wife took copies of his bank statements from 1996 to 2000, including two alleged withdrawals from an ATM called 'Bayview'.

In 2014, Mr Edwards’ second wife took copies of his bank statements from 1996 to 2000, including two alleged withdrawals from an ATM called ‘Bayview’.

The next witness is Detective Senior Constable Ian Berry, who was involved in the arrest of Bradley Edwards at his Kewdale home early on December 22, 2016. 

Detective Berry said he arrived at the house around 7.40am, after Tactical Response Group officers had forced entry to the property, and “secured” and arrested Bradley Edwards. 

Detective Berry’s role that morning was to execute a search warrant at the property once Mr Edwards had been taken away by Detective Senior Sergeant Joe Marrapodi and others and taken to the Special Crime Squad offices. 

“We were aware there was a person in custody inside the premises, we waited for that person to be removed,” he said. 

Detective Berry said the search took two days and was captured on video. 

One of the items recovered was a notebook with handwritten notes inside. 

“My understanding is these are notes that had been written by [Mr Edwards’ second wife] that had been copied from a bank statement,” he siaid.

The second wife gave evidence earlier in this trial that she found Mr Edwards’ bank statements between 1996 and 2000, and copied them into a notebook at a time in their marriage when she “feared for her life”. 

She said she couldn’t find the bank statement number 16 for March 1997, which would have covered the day Ciara disappeared.

Her evidence can be found here.

Mr Yovich has resumed his cross-examination of Detective Stanbury, and is asking him about some discrepancies in a spreadsheet created in 2008 to note the Marco-related exhibits stored at the Special Crime Squad. 

Mr Yovich has pointed out RH14 is entered twice, once described as vegetation from Ciara’s crime scene, and another time as a branch from a branch from Ciara’s crime scene. 

Detective Stanbury said while he had no independent recollection, he believed the entries represented two exhibits, rather than Mr Yovich’s suggestion an exhibit had been entered twice. 

Mr Yovich also pointed out RH15 is on the spreadsheet, but not on another smaller spreadsheet. 

Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo has questioned the relevance of this line of questioning as Detective Stanbury said the spreadsheet was not referred to by Macro, and if there was a query about an exhibit – including what it was and where it had been stored – he would consult a separate “status library” database. 

He said the spreadsheet Mr Yovich is referring to was created initially to note the exhibits which he collected from another storage area in 2008 – and was added to over time by others up until to 2011, when it was no longer updated.

Detective Stanbury has completed his evidence. 

He has nodded and smiled at Ciara’s father, Denis Glennon, as he left the courtroom. 

Welcome to WAtoday’s live coverage of day 52 of the Claremont serial killer trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Today, former Operation Macro lead investigator Jim Stanbury will continue to be cross-examined by defence lawyer, Paul Yovich. 

The Detective Sergeant ran the day-to-day operations of the taskforce between 2006 and 2015 before being moved off the case a year before the breakthrough arrest was made. 

He was responsible for Ciara’s fingernail exhibits being taken to the UK for testing in 2008, which led to investigators recovering an unknown male suspect’s DNA. 

The DNA profile was later allegedly found to be consistent with accused man Bradley Edwards, who has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. 

It is believed the state has only a handful of witnesses left to call in relation to its DNA evidence, before it progresses onto its fibre evidence. 

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