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Street Seen: My style is vintage with a colourful twist

MY STYLE IS ’60s and ’70s inspired. Vintage with a colourful twist. I love matching stuff. I like to sew so I make a lot of my own things. I’m about to start a brand. I want to design things similar to what I’m wearing, so nice tops and skirts. I’ve been sewing for four years but I’m not amazing at it. I’m good at what I do but I really want to focus on it for a year to get really good. I’m trying to decide on the brand name. I think Violet Star, so my middle name and my last name, or Billie Violet Star.

I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF my best friend Grace. When we met, we just really had this magnetism where we like the same style. We love each other’s style. We sew together a lot and we make outfits that always match. She’s usually here with me at the festival but she’s away this time so it’s sad. Also, my little sister Rosie is a big inspiration. You should see her today, she’s wearing a pink jumpsuit with a pink cowboy hat and a frog backpack. She’s just so beautiful. Rosie lives in Melbourne and I’m from Brisbane. I always see photos of her and she just knows how to wear clothes. I steal her clothes a little bit but not that much because she lives so far away. Sometimes we’ll say to each other, “You have that for a few months until I see you next and we can swap it over.” You’ve got to, you know?

MY FAVOURITE PLACES TO SHOP ARE I do a lot of op shopping. I don’t buy many new things so I would say Swop in Brisbane is where it started. There’s one in Melbourne too. It’s a clothing exchange store, so people take their clothes in and they get money back. They don’t take fast fashion brands. It’s really good, so I love it. That’s probably the only place I shop other than op shops. I don’t know the last new thing I bought apart from cheap stuff. I really love RoseCut Clothing. It’s this lady from LA. That’s my biggest inspiration. She makes these amazing suits with applique all over them. They’re so gorgeous. Oats is a nice label from Melbourne. I really like their stuff.

MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS That’s a good question. But is anything a mistake? Even the worst things were good at the time, you know? One time I went to Woodford Folk Festival with my family when I was probably 14. It was when fluoro was really in fashion. I wore a fluoro purple singlet and fluoro jeans, which were probably low-waisted. I don’t know what colour they were, maybe purple. And then Crocs as well. That’s probably my worst outfit and I would have thought it was really good then. I probably loved it. I don’t regret it but I wouldn’t wear it now. I get the purpose of Crocs but they just really freak me out.

WHEN I WAS A KID I WORE My mum is a big hippie so she always dressed us in the craziest colours. I had little stockings with stars on them, little tops with fur hearts and fluffy shirts. She dressed me and my sister in the best stuff. I used to love Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I was little. My grandma made me this really beautiful gold dress and I never took it off. I loved it so much. I don’t even know where it is now.

I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN Maybe that fluoro outfit with the Crocs. I guess really badly made stuff that’s unethically made. I get it, sometimes you need to buy it every now and again but I don’t think you should rely on it for your wardrobe. I would probably never be caught dead in that hippie steampunk outfit where you’ve got the stretchy rag skirt that’s safety-pinned together to the side with the low bum bag and then the top hat with the goggles on it. That’s my least favourite look. And then there’s the coat-tails. The coat-tails especially. I call them faeries when I try to describe them.

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