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Phoenix bound for Australia after receiving FFA assurances

“The decision to travel to Sydney in an attempt to complete this season, was made as a club,” Phoenix general manager David Dome said.


“We have discussed this amongst ourselves, consulted with health professionals and government bodies in Australia and New Zealand and taken all possible precautions to ensure those travelling are given the best protection possible.

“We are also conscious that the situation is constantly evolving and it may all change again tomorrow, but we are making this decision with the best information we have available at this time.”

It’s understood the club has identified an isolated training facility and been given a green light by NSW Health to use it during their quarantine period.


Both the Phoenix and Melbourne Victory, who have begun self-isolation after returning from Wellington on Monday, will have two games rescheduled.

Dome accepts it will be an intense run of games for third-placed Wellington but he wants them scheduled as fairly as possible.

He said there hadn’t been a single complaint from the players and he expected the entire squad to travel, including defender Luke DeVere, whose wife is expected to give birth this month.

It is understood the players and support staff will be able to “group isolate”, meaning they can live and train together but not come into contact with others during the first two weeks.

Plans around catering delivery and cleaning are still to be clarified.


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