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Striking speaker in a timeless design

Last week saw a local launch by Pantheon Audio – a European manufacturer bringing its hand-moulded speakers to the Australian market. After five years attending media launches, it can be hard to get excited, or even interested, but there was a moment during the Pantheon event that was wonderful to witness.

As the MC asked the bored journalists, suspect influencers and B-grade celebrities to be quiet for the first demonstration of the speaker, I noticed the company’s audio engineer, Adrien Stachowicz, beaming with joy. He couldn’t wait for us to hear the speaker he’d spent three years working on. It was an honest, genuine moment, watching his eyes dart around the room in anticipation of our reactions.

Pantheon 1 was inspired by the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome.

Pantheon 1 was inspired by the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome.

Luckily, Pantheon 1 lived up to the hype. Just one unit was able to fill the large event space – at least 20 metres by 10 – with crystal-clear audio. The unique design of the speaker separates the audio into distinct stereo channels. Its downward-facing woofers create a low bass that never muddies at the high end.

There were three speakers in the room and during the first demonstration I assumed all of them were creating the surround sound experience we were enjoying. It was revealed that the sound was coming from the central speaker alone.

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