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Switching to a smarter home with Arteor

HPM's Arteor switch series lets you monitor your home appliances from anywhere.

HPM’s Arteor switch series lets you monitor your home appliances from anywhere.

Houses are getting smarter is many different ways, from showing you what’s in your fridge to making all the lights in your living room purple. HPM’s Arteor series of smart switches and sockets offers a more built-in avenue to enhance your home’s intelligence, if you don’t mind getting an electrician involved.

I recently had some Arteor wall sockets installed so I could better monitor the energy usage of some of my major appliances and my home office, and the results have been a lot more insightful than I expected.

Whenever I go overseas, I usually worry that I’ve accidentally left everything in my home office on and should expect an oversized power bill on return. I was looking forward to being able to check from a distance and turn anything off as needed. Obviously, this has become less of an issue with the current travel restrictions in place, but the ability to switch things on an off remotely is a useful if already existing tool.

What’s been most helpful is the Arteor’s ability to compare the electricity usage of the computers in my office to the fridge and washing machine. The good news is that my fridge is way more energy efficient than I thought. The bad news is that my main office computer is significantly less so. However, now that I know, come tax time I’ll be better positioned to claim the real costs of my home office, which is possibly the most grown up thing I’ve ever been mildly pleased about.

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