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Atlassian banks on the cloud as founders work from home

According to Mr Cannon-Brookes, software as a service (SaaS) was driving overall cloud computing growth, with the SaaS market currently valued at around $116 billion and expected to increase to $151 billion over the next two years.

“Indeed a majority of businesses now self-identify as predominantly SaaS driven businesses and the average employee now relies on many SaaS apps to do their job every day across different departments from engineering and design to marketing, sales and compliance.”

“There is no debate that SaaS is a fundamentally better way for companies to run their business.”

He added that Atlassian had 125,000 customers using its cloud products, with 10 billion requests per day to the Atlassian cloud with “widespread adoption”.

Atlassian co-founder and co-chief executive Scott Farquhar said using cloud-based products enabled teams to work together remotely.


“The impact of COVID-19 is going to have a lasting wide ranging effect on the way that we work,” he said.

“Businesses have become increasingly global, boundaries between traditional departments have dissolved and success is now more dependent on alignment with other things rather than individual team optimisation.”

Mr Farquhar added that Atlassian provided a platform to unify tasks and help teams do their job while using technology solutions like Zoom, Dropbox and Slack, which have all experienced record sign-ups as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


“When your team mates are dispersed globally or working from home it is that much more important to have a clear understanding of the work at hand, who is going to do it and when it is going to be done,” he said.

Emphasising the flexibility provided by the cloud and Mr Cannon-Brookes’ blunt message earlier this week for Australians to “Stay the f— at home”, the co-founders both gave their keynote addresses from their homes, providing a brief glimpse into daily life as a tech billionaire.

Mr Farquhar’s home office included a slick double screen set up behind him, a personal touch of some wedding photos and an Atlassian bobble head doll, which the company gives to all employees who have been there for ten years.

Meanwhile, Mr Cannon-Brookes sat in front of a mirror, which offered a glimpse of his multi-million dollar harbour views, an artistically arranged collection of grey pear ornaments and a stack of books, including the popular kids book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

“We are living through a crazy uncertain time right now so if any of my kids run into the room, let me apologise in advance,” he said. “I don’t know what will happen next with this virus but I do know through this forced time of change we are going to see new technologies, new services and new ways of working emerging.”

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