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‘Just amazing’: Relief and tears after IVF ban is lifted 

“Today’s announcement was just amazing. It has given us hope, and I’m sure a lot of other Victorian couples as well.”

Ms Roberts said her first phone call on Wednesday would be to book into IVF.

Melbourne IVF medical director Dr Lyndon Hale said the service had been unable to take on new patients from mid-March, except for extraordinary cases where cancer treatment was threatening a person’s fertility.

He said all their patients would now have coronavirus tests before undergoing IVF procedures, and that everyone entering the premises would be temperature tested.

Dr Hale said he had supported initial restrictions to preserve dwindling supplies of protective equipment, but he said the fertility provider now had an adequate supply of masks, of a different type to what was required for coronavirus patients.

Lynn Burmeister, an IVF specialist and medical director at Number 1 Fertility in Melbourne, said she was thrilled for her patients, who had endured a “whirlwind of uncertainty” over the past month after having to postpone their fertility treatment.

“It has been surreal, like a bad nightmare,” Dr Burmesister said. “A lot of our patients have been so upset and they were already in a dark place so it spiralled them into an even deeper place.”

Dr Burmeister said while there had been psychological impacts on patients, she was hopeful there would be no long-term effects on their fertility.

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