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WA wants AFL hub but won’t front up the cash: McGowan

“Obviously Melbourne has a much bigger issue with COVID-19 than Perth does, so I think it would make sense to have a hub here and we can obviously restrict the teams into a certain area and make sure that it’s in proximity to [Optus] stadium,” he said.

“[But] I’m not going to put taxpayers money into that when we have all these other priorities our health system education, we’ve had huge declines in revenue across the board.

“We’re in a dire financial situation. Like all states, we are losing revenue, we are going to focus on our health system and if football wants to do it, it’d be great but I don’t expect the West Australian taxpayer should have to pay for the privilege.”

WA currently requires a 14-day self-isolation period for interstate entries which would have to be adhered to if a hub was established, meaning any interstate teams arriving in WA would have to wait two weeks before resuming training.

The AFL will reach out to players over the next week to discuss quarantine hubs, with several facing considerable time on the road away from family.

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