Friday , June 5 2020
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Abbotsford Centrelink office shut in ‘savage attack on people in need’

“Closing a major Centrelink office with just over a day’s notice, while the country suffers Depression-era joblessness is utter incompetence and a savage attack on people in need.”

Services Australia General Manager Hank Jongen said the agency would continue to provide face-to-face services to people who required support at South Melbourne and surrounding centres such as at Prahran and Flemington.

‘We are committed to providing quality face-to-face assistance for people accessing our services,’ Mr Jongen said.

He also said people were increasingly taking advantage of online options to manage their Centrelink and Medicare needs.

But Badria Mustafa, who uses the Abbotsford Centre along with her mother and sister, said many people who accessed its services were new to Australia.

“They might not be able to use the app and have to go in person,” she said.

She said many did not drive and it would be more difficult for them to get to South Melbourne.

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