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Barrels of barley water to the rescue

The way the majority of Column 8 readers suggested to support Australia’s barley growers hit by Chinese tariffs (C8) can be summed up in one word. Beer. Lots and lots of beer. How surprising! To be fair, David Le Cornu of Cronulla also recommended using the surplus to produce single malt whisky, so something just a bit different. And after all, it is the water of life!

From a perspective born across the Irish Sea, Tom Plunkett of Kempsey nominates another solution for our barley (C8) surplus. “My great-grandmother Kennedy’s recipe for Irish stew. Lamb chops, barley (lots of), potatoes, onion, salt and pepper. Simple and delicious.”

“As we have Mundey for the start of the working week (C8) and Choosedey for elections, how about Whensdey for other decisions,” suggests Bob Erwin of Wagga Wagga. “Then Fursdey for dressing warm and Frydey for the end of week barby. Satdey for a good rest after a weeks work, Sundey to get out, exercise and enjoy the sun.”

Stein Boddington of St Clair humbly submits the following. “I don’t want to brag (oh, go on – Granny) but I played the bass on all those Aunty Jack songs (C8) mentioned in Column 8 today. Those were the days! The most memorable line is from Wollongong The Brave, where Wollongong is described as ‘girt by sea, on one side’.”

John Holstein of Yerong Creek was surprised to find that in all the comments about songs and town names (C8) that nothing had been heard from Tumbarumba resident, and former Rosewood school teacher, Bill Wilkinson about Stomp the Tumbarumba by Johnny Devlin (and also the Hoodoo Gurus). So John fixed it for him.

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