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The Good Weekend Quiz: May 23

Trivia buffs: test your knowledge with this week's Good Weekend quiz.

Trivia buffs: test your knowledge with this week’s Good Weekend quiz.Credit:

6. If the prefix “hippo” is Greek for “horse”, what is a hippotigris?

7. Victoria’s Cheviot Beach is the location of what enduring Australian mystery?

8. What do the letters “ATAR” represent in the university entrance system?

9. Clouds are classified into three main groups: stratus, cumulus and …?

10. Which D.H. Lawrence novel was the subject of a 1960 obscenity trial?

11. What is the Battle of the Little Bighorn commonly known as?

12. What was the aim of the US-led Manhattan Project during World War II?

13. In film, which fictional spy likes his vodka martini “shaken not stirred”?

14. Which Australian sporting code will resume on May 28?

15. In which season does the vernal equinox occur in the southern hemisphere?

16. Anatomically speaking, what is a clavicle commonly called?

17. Which two Aboriginal nations had first contact with the British: Darug, Eora
or Wurundjeri?

18. Which Scottish city is known for its annual military tattoo?

19. Which US activist wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in 1963 in defence of non-violent resistance?

20. What time signature does a waltz have: 2/4, 3/4 or 6/8?

21. What Japanese fish stock is made from bonito flakes and kelp?

22. Which Australian state’s bird emblem is the helmeted honeyeater?

23. Which Australian achieved the highest single-dive score in Olympics history at the 2008 Games?

24. Beijing’s imperial palace complex is called … what?

25. Whose was “the face that launch’d 1000 ships” in the 1604 play Doctor Faustus?


1 366. 2 Near- or short-sightedness. 3 Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. 4 Green Eggs and Ham (1960). 5 Édith Piaf. 6 Zebra (“tigris” is an old Greek word for tiger). 7 The disappearance of PM Harold Holt (on December 17, 1967). 8 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. 9 Cirrus. 10 Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1928). 11 Custer’s Last Stand. 12 Developing the world’s first atomic bomb. 13 James Bond. 14 National Rugby League. 15 Spring. 16 Collarbone. 17 Darug and Eora. 18 Edinburgh. 19 Martin Luther King jnr (April 16). 20 3/4. 21 Dashi. 22 Victoria. 23 Matthew Mitcham (112.10 points). 24 The Forbidden City. 25 Helen of Troy.

Fancy yourself a quizmaster? Send us a question; we include one from a reader each week and acknowledge it here. Email: label it “GW Quiz Entry”. This week, Q25 was supplied by readers Karla and Greg Chaplin of Kirrawee, NSW.

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