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AFL players still not allowed visitors, despite easing

AFL players will not be allowed to have visitors to their homes from May 31 and for a while yet, despite the Victorian government permitting up to 20 visitors to homes from that date.

The AFL will stick with the tight social restrictions on players, meaning that footballers and relevant staff at AFL clubs will not enjoy the same freedom of movement that the rest of the community will enjoy in Victoria from midnight on May 31.

The AFL’s position, at this stage, is that the footballers and support staff have to remain in tightly controlled environments – and not allowed visitors, besides those that live there – with some special exceptions.


The AFL’s view is that the game has won special dispensation from governments to play a contact sport from June 11 and that players and relevant match-day staff will need to stick to these draconian “protocols” – which don’t allow players to leave their homes, either, except for specific reasons.

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