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Founder of IOOF-backed Grow Super resigns amid Dally M scandal

Police are now investigating whether the bets, which netted a return of about $20,000, came as a result of a leak from StatEdge which provided the computer program used by Dally M judges to vote in secret.

GROW Super is the trading name for Grow Super AFSL Pty Ltd and should not be confused with Grow Super Pty Ltd, an unrelated company with a similar name.

IOOF snapped up a stake in Grow in early 2018 through Grow Super AFSL parent company DSMJ. ASIC database showed that on May 25 it owned just under 13 per cent of the parent company’s shares. IOOF chief operating officer Frank Lombardo sits on the board of DSMJ.

After being contacted over email by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age yesterday evening, Grow removed its list of directors and executive profiles from its website, including the profile of Mr Wilson who was described as CEO.

When sent a follow up question about why the profiles had been removed, including that of Mr Wilson, they briefly reappeared on the site before being taken down again.

Mr Wilson makes no reference to ever working at Grow on his updated Linkedin page. An earlier version described him as CEO at Grow Super Australia … Sep 2016 – May 2020.

Along with being CEO, Mr Wilson sat on the board of several Grow entities up until May 22 including its operating entity Grow Super AFSL.

Searches of Mr Wilson’s directorships on ASIC’s database from midday May 25 and morning May 26 show considerable changes.

This includes a flurry of resignation notices filed on May 25 stating he resigned from companies within the group including Grow Super AFSL on May 22.

Grow responded by email on Tuesday morning to say: “Mr Wilson is no longer a director of any Grow related entities, including the subsidiaries mentioned in your email below.”

“There is no association between Grow and StatEdge.”


Mr Wilson was stopped by Nine News reporters following the raids and he declined to comment. Messages to his work email and texts and calls to his mobile went unanswered yesterday and today. Grow said it had passed on the questions to Mr Wilson.

A spokeswoman for IOOF said: “As a minority shareholder and with a director on the board of [Grow Super AFSL Pty Ltd parent] DSMJ, IOOF has been kept informed in an appropriate and timely manner of the situation in relation to Mr Wilson and StatEdge.

“We believe the actions of management and Mr Wilson’s in relation to his resignation from the board of DSMJ and as CEO of Grow Super has been appropriate.”

“As this is an ongoing police investigation, we are unable to comment further.”

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