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There’s nothing wrong with Tempe Station!

Place names in songs (C8). There’s been a literal chorus of offerings from readers. While Harry Bell of Bowral has “always liked My Lily of Yagoona”, Martin Field of Kingscliff says: “The best town song is surely ‘It’s hot in Brisbane, but it’s Coolangatta – Coolangatta for me!’ No idea who wrote or sang it, but I’m confident Granny’s eclectic, erudite emailers will know.”

John Slack of Yowie Bay went slightly off the rails: “When growing up in Arncliffe, I thought in the Lord’s Prayer, we prayed ‘lead us not into Tempe Station’. I never worked out what was wrong with Tempe Station.”

“Moronavirus! Love the term,” says Stephanie Edwards of Roseville. “Thank you Fitz and good luck with any attempt at containing it. I predict there will never be a vaccine for it.”

Stephanie’s other half, Alan Edwards, has news of festivities in Roseville: “We are celebrating our new-found freedom with a barbecue in June. All guests must bring at least 10 rolls of toilet paper and 5 litres of alcohol-based sanitiser. The theme is ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’.”

“Just ventured out to do some food shopping,” writes Coral Button of North Epping. “First time for six weeks. Dolled up in face-mask, disposable gloves and carrying hand sanitiser. Very impressed by the consideration and good manners of everyone I encountered, from the other shoppers, to the checkout people and the support staff guiding us where to stand and politely correcting us if we got too close to others. Don’t know how we’ll go in the Boxing Day sales though.”

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