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Good Weekend Superquiz and Target, Saturday, May 30

Today’s Target: 52 words, good; 78 words, very good; 105 words, excellent. Solution on Monday.​

Yesterday’s solution: aced, acre, acted, arced, cadet, cadre, card, care, cared, caret, cart, carte, carted, case, cased, cast, caste, casted, caster, cater, catered, cease, ceased, cedar, cede, cere, crate, crated, crease, creased, create, created, creates, creed, crest, crested, dace, decease, decrease, decree, DESECRATE, erect, erected, race, raced, react, reacted, recast, recede, recta, redact, redacts, sacred, scar, scare, scared, scat, scree, screed, secede, secret, secrete, secreted, sect, trace, traced

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