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If you are doing it tough, relief for electricity bills is on offer

So, this week, in a bid to make things a bit easier, I pulled together the latest state-by-state rundown of what is at hand.

For ease of navigation, I will divide the information into three categories – relief everyone can get; relief for concession-card holders, and relief for others suffering financial hardship.

1 – Relief for everyone

In Victoria, the state government is paying people a “$50 Power Saving Bonus” to use its energy comparison website. If you haven’t run a search yet and collected your handout, do it here at victorianenergysaver.

In Queensland, because the state still owns the energy networks, households can obtain a $50-a-year credit on their bills, which are expected to rise about $200 this year because of COVID-19.


Finally, in Western Australia, the “Energy Assistance Payment” has doubled this year to $600.

If you google the names of the concessions above, you will find the relevant page to check your eligibility.

Note that if you receive JobSeeker payments, you are also eligible for a Health Care Card, which will qualify you for most of the payments below.

In SA, JobSeeker recipients can get the concessions mentioned above, plus a $500 boost.

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