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The collective consciousness crossword challenge

Peter Riley of Penrith writes: “Thirty years ago, Dr Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge University published his Theory of Collective Consciousness, which contends that if you do a newspaper crossword that is a day old, you’ll find it easier because the answers are now ‘out there in the collective memory’ because thousands of others have already completed it. It was dismissed as magical thinking and pseudoscience but was never actually tested. Sounds like a good project for the Column 8 brains trust to devise a statistically-valid experiment to test the good doctor’s theory.”

“Did other regulars notice, in the beautiful obituary to David Levine in Tuesday’s Herald, that his mother was a violinist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and he married one Agnes Viola, a clinical psychologist?” notes John Dawson of North Parramatta. “Is this incidental reference to an evidently successful marriage of any interest to members of the School of Nominative Determinists?”

Yet another scriptural blooper. Marion Newall of Point Frederick says: “As part of my Catholic upbringing, we often sang Gloria in excelsis Deo at Christmas. As a young child, I thought this was Gloria in eggshells and hay-o. What with Jesus being born in a manger, it made perfect sense to me. Mind you, I wasn’t sure where Gloria fitted in.”

“Today on the footpath I found a silver disk with a woman’s head on one side and a platypus on the other. Anyone know what it is?” asks Andrew Taubman of Queens Park.

“Granny obviously used to take her knitting to club rugby games many moons ago if she remembers the Bernie Carberry/Boris Porkovich disagreement (C8),” writes Geoff Gilligan of Coogee. “I remember Boris being marched from the field in a game against Randwick. He protested loudly about the injustice. It seems, as a coach, his displeasure with the men in white hadn’t disappeared.”

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