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Social dis-dancing? Dutch club tries post-coronavirus layout

“I think it’s your perfect daily dose of music, like, 20 minutes is enough, yeah, sure.” said Nuray Boga, 19. “It made me happy.”

Promoter Jonatan Brand said the original plan had been to have the guests dance while standing in place 1.5 metres apart. But local authorities said they had to sit in chairs, at least for now.

Clubbers party from their chairs.

Clubbers party from their chairs. Credit:Facebook

“It’s still very cool,” Brand said. “People are still dancing, although they are on the chair, they’re fist-pumping, they’re moving their bodies, so – it’s great.”

A maximum of 30 guests were allowed in the building at a time. The club plans to expand to 100 in July. The cover charge was €10, including a drink.


Shows did not sell out, and the event was also streamed online.

“It’s nice to play actually on a loud volume again, to see some familiar faces,” said DJ Davy Brandts.

“I think everyone had been looking forward to it, because it had been a while since you could drink a cold beer at a big venue like this.”


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