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Target and superquiz, Wednesday, June 10

Today’s Target: 33 words, good; 49 words, very good; 66 words, excellent.

Yesterday’s Target: dilute, dilutes, DISSOLUTE, disuse, douse, douses, duet, dust, etui, issue, issued, lieu, lotus, loud, loudest, louis, louse, loused, lousiest, lout, lust, lusted, lusts, lute, oust, ousted, ousts, outside, situs, slue, slued, slues, solidus, solitude, solute, soul, sous, souse, soused, stud, studio, sued, suet, suit, suite, suited, tedious, tissue, tousle, tousled, tousles, tussle, tussled, used, utile

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