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Forests of urban myths and some shameless spruiking

“Brian Collins will be browned off to know that not all our native trees are evergreen (C8),” writes Paul Keys of Clouds Creek. “The red cedar is definitely deciduous.” Also affirming the deciduous nature of the native red cedar and decrying “the perpetration of the dangerous urban myth” that Australia has only evergreen trees was Ian Alexander of Moss Vale, also nominating “the glorious white cedar”. Another tree to add to the deciduous Australian native list, the southern beech, was provided by John Bunyan of Campbelltown.

Nino Pol of Randwick believes that if there are indeed bounds to poetic licence, these are not known to real estate agents. What prompted this assertion, you ask? An ad for a property for sale in Mascot, which was given the … evocative … tagline of “The Venice of the South”.

90-year-old Leo Thornton of Gwandalan remembers that there was an equivalent to the ubiquitous “No worries” when he was growing up on the NSW North Coast. “I clearly remember the term ‘no sweat’, usually ending with the word ‘mate’.”

Graham Lum of North Rocks was elated that he had finally found a reason to feel special as one of only 2 per cent of people in the world that have green eyes. “However, I then discovered that grey-eyed people are even rarer. It’s so hard to be remarkable in this world.”

An ad on the television for a hand-held sewing machine barely registered with Jenny Archbold of Bellingen, until she heard them say “‘Buy one, get one’. Brilliant offer, wouldn’t want to miss that!”

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